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5cats ++& -- are increment and decrement operators in computer languages derived from B & C languages.

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DuckBoy87 exactly, and the reason i didn't ++carInfraction  on that is because the bike was still breaking the law, and to the car appearing as a harassing motorist on the street, what he did was a natural reaction to ++bikeInfraction.  This is evidenced by the second the bike showed the wallet, the car pulled over right away.  I admit though that it could be argued the final result be bikeInfractions = 2 and carInfractions =2;
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carInfractions = 0
bikeInfractions = 0

  1. Car pulls into street, the driver did not notice the cyclist, no accident happened and cyclist could stop in time.  ++carInfractions.
  2. Car loses wallet and biker picks up wallet to return --bikeInfractions.
  3. Car driver is driving along, on a street with regular traffic.  Suddenly a biker speeds  right beside them, with an oncoming vehicle! ++bikeInfractions
  4.  the biker does not pass but stays behind and gets the driver's attention, the car's feeling threatened for seeming suddenly being harrassed. ++bikeInfractions.
  5. Then the biker finally shows them their wallet, and the car suddenly realizes they left it on the roof and pulls over. The biker then throws the wallet in, and then takes their phone, and throws it up in the air so it lands on the street, then speeds off. ++bikeInfractions.

So the way i see it carInfractions =  1 , bikeInfractions = 2.
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The new back story is he was born Mick Emoz.  He loved singing, and as a young man entered a star search reality show on Coreilleia, to see if he could win a recording contract and start a music career.  But in the last set his puberty kicked in and he embarrassingly cracked out the last 1/2 of the song, live on interplanetary live vision view.  Mick ran off the stage crying, and then ran out the door.  Sobbing in the rainy alleyway, he took out a pocked knife and sobbed "Never again!" as cut his long hair hair short.

It just so happened at that another figure followed him out the door.  His name was Beckett, a spice runner known for his shortest run to and from Kessel.  He loved singing, and always chose a co-pilot on his voice, and when he had heard Mick's voice break, he wanted nothing more than him to be his new co-pilot.  His previous co-pilot was killed in a pirate raid 3 months back, and Mick's new voice reminded him of him.

"Mick", said Beckett.  Mick looked up, with tears and cut hair shining along with the rain drops on his face in the dark light of the alleyway.  "I need a co-pilot, and i like your voice. come work with me, and you'll see a lot of places and have some great adventures, plus you'll be paid really well. What do you say?"

Mick wiped his face, nodded, slowly grew a lopsided grin, and said "sure!"  Then Becket helped him up and Mick followed him to his ship.

At the door of his strange U shaped ship Beckett stopped short and turned to Mick, saying "Mick, before you step on this ship, you have to agree to leave all of this behind and start a new life, do you understand?"

Mick shook his head and stepped aboard, and as Beckett followed him up and the Door started to close, he said "Does that mean i get to have a new name?"

"You sure do, kid!" said Beckett, patting him on the back. The door slammed shut, and a moment later the U shaped ship took off into space....
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  1. death
  2. to
  3. the
  4. presidency
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Because he's a down to earth guy who will mingle with the people.
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kalron27 Actually it's the tell-tale sign of a nation about to fall.  Cultural decay with family and moral breakdown is a telltale sign, and has been noted by many historians reporting on the similarities in the fall of nations  (here's one such historian who notes 7 telltale signs of a falling nation).  

Most outsiders of such nations have 20/20 foresight and can see exactly what's happening, but sadly it often takes the nation to fall before the people of those nations finally gain the depressing 20/20 hindsight.  
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Tired of it yet?  Remember: it just takes 4 simple words!
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That was pretty cool!

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Seems kind of lame, and the video editing hid the problem of passing a pickup, so any thing larger than a car seems to be its limit.  Why not just put the effort into coming up with a flying car?
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kalron27 Good.  Now since i neither implied, nor stated he exclusively taught Christianity on the TV show, but that he "promoted and supported Christian values", maybe you can begin to see how pointless it was to come out with your argument?  After all, that quote was 1/2 of the only sentence i used that had to do with Mr Rogers.

When you look closer at the other sentences around it, you might pick up on the sentiment that it is pointing to the poor situation of the education of children today through television compared to when his show aired.  Or perhaps you could see that i was getting at the media's mass-misunderstanding of and active hate towards Christianity, which has grown and picked up many people into its misunderstandings.

Finally, to your misunderstanding about Christianity and judgment, as you said I "should not judge":  Christ actually said "Judge not, lest ye be judged".  How we judge is how we will be judged.  We all judge and there are different forms of judgment.  My original post pointed to the poor state of  the education being taught to children through TV,  because it has proven to be detrimental to the good things like Mr Rogers taught, which hurts us all and leads to debase cultures.  I am fully prepared to be judged for my judgments against this sinfulness, as i reject it because i can see how it is wrong and dangerous.  Instead I teach children and others to love one another and be righteous, not to be wicked and sinful, or rejecting good like today's society teaches is ok to do.  To stand up for what is right.

I should add though, Christ is right, that we should judge not, but even he judged.  So the takeaway is that people who are untrained at it can easily get too carried away and send themselves to ruin.  I've found that by putting Love first you can rightly divide and justly judge.  But learning that type of love can take a long time for some, because it comes from God.  So ultimately for the most part we should judge not lest we be judged.
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kalron27 You don't need to use terms like Christ, Jesus, God, or Christian to teach the message Christ taught.  Also Christianity, as Mr Rogers exemplified, does surpass religion as a concept, as he lived out his faith. You might want to study it a bit more than you have.

So do you care to point out where I've shoved my beliefs as "the one and only"?  FYI You might want to be careful there because you might trap yourself.
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kalron27 So do you admit when you said "Mr. Rogers in no way promoted Christian values" you were wrong?  Also can you point out where you think you were judged, or others are being judged?
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kalron27 Judging is what you wanted to make the conversation about.  Also you seem to be getting confused about what the conversation is.  You specifically argued "Mr. Rogers in no way promoted Christian values on his show or publicly", to my comment.  Then i explained how he did promote the very values of Christianity.  Then you wanted to move the goal posts of your argument, and argue from another angle, talking about labels or boundaries,  then move them again to point out nothing i said was exclusive to Christianity.  After reading your replies I noted and posted that you misunderstand Christianity (exemplified again in your previous post where you said he "did not propagate "Christian Beliefs" per your statement, but rather the broader concept that encompasses all races, religions, creeds, sexuality, classes and age" - if you had understood Christianity better you would know that the Christian faith encompass that too).  Now you're all upset thinking i judged you when i haven't, and want to point out that i am wrong, when your argument fell apart with your first goalpost move, and completely with the second. Again, you seem to want to go to great lengths to deny that what he taught was very heart of Christianity, perhaps you should get to know it a bit better than you presently do?
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thething911 true religion is love, which is what Mr Rogers was teaching. Without love, Goodness will be much less.
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kalron27 neither am i judging you.
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kalron27 pointing out the fact isn't judging dude.
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kalron27 good advice, you ought to take your own advice sometime.
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kalron27 still holding to your misunderstandings of Christianity?
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johncourage Greed and abuse of power is a very limited time thing, although i agree it can seem forever from our points of view.  But it will definitely end. laws against greed and the abuse of power can be effective as hate speech laws, which, as we know can be quite effective.  A ceo will be very less greedy if they know that it could land them in hot water, and the effect will trickle down through the chain, better wages would too no doubt!!

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kalron27 so since he taught the deep logic of of the christian faith, but because he didn't 'label' it as such it isn't? If you understood what it is to live the christian faith, you might understand you can teach and share of it by example quite well.  Just like Mr. Rogers did.
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kalron27 Studying it and living it are two different things.
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kalron27 you're shifting the goalposts: first you said your issue was about  labels or boundaries,  but now want to focus on that nothing i just said is exclusive to Christianity.  You seem to want to go to great lengths to deny that what he taught was very heart of Christianity, almost confirming my original post.
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kalron27 who are you to preach what you yourself don't follow?
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This is what happens when a nation is in decline!

It's normal!

It happened in Egypt, Rome, and many other places!  So don't fret!

But this time around you have a new tool at your disposal!

It's called the internet, and it's great for organization!

So just remember, when you get sick of it, organize a gathering in continually growing numbers, to gather and do ONLY 1 thing: Chant these 4 words:
  • death
  • to
  • the
  • presidency

The rest is simple - Persist and win!!

Then instill new governance making sure to prevent greed and abuse of power happening like it did, (and hopefully a whole lot more nimble than it is now)!

Then call it a day! have a party!

Then wake up and move on for the betterment of humankind!

So relax, it's really that simple!  

And hey think of it! What an amazing chance to do something great in history, huh?  Can you imagine "they were falling and  organized to save the whole nation - and did!", what an inspiring tale for the future that would be, huh?

But don't wait for too long this is a limited time offer!!  

Free falling nations, like the other nations in history, end in a crash! And the time frame is: sooner or later! 

So don't delay, start today!