Science Has Discovered The "Artificial Pancreas" But It's A Letdown

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With the rising cost of insulin, patients are finding themselves using older insulins and diluted medicines to try and stretch their shot intakes. Controlling Type I Diabetes is no joke. Along with trying to bring a better schedule to keep up with the body’s natural insulin levels, there are insulin pumps and things now coming out being called "automatic pancreases." A robotic functioning pancreas sounds future tech, but the reality is they’re not self-managed and aren’t really worth the investment.

An excerpt from Vox:

You'd think that a new device called the 'artificial pancreas' would be a godsend for someone like her. Designed to make insulin delivery less of a hassle by automating it, the MiniMed 670G by Medtronic was called 'revolutionary' and a game changer after the Food and Drug Administration approved it in September.

But families like the Weddings say the device, slated to hit the market in spring 2017, has been incredibly overhyped.

For starters, it isn’t a true artificial pancreas — it only automates the delivery of one type of insulin — and patients who use it still have to do a lot to manage their condition. 'I hate [the name],' Wedding summed up. 'It gives the connotation that the problem is solved, when it’s far from solved.'

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