Ontario Considers Trying Out Basic Income

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With poverty and jobs becoming more of an issue today, the idea of giving every citizen a basic income has begun to make inroads into civic conversations for economic structures in handling social issues. Arguments can be made for or against the idea but without actual examples to research, the topic is all based on hypothesis. Stepping away from speculation, there are places around the world which are giving this socio concept some actual consideration. One of those places being the providence of Ontario in Canada.

The Independent: “The provincial government of Ontario confirmed it is holding public consultations on the $25m (£15m) project over the next two months, which could replace social assistance payments administered by the province for people aged 18 to 65.

People with disabilities will receive $500 (£292) more under the scheme, and individuals who earn less than $22,000 (£13,000) a year after tax will have their incomes topped up to reach that threshold.

The pilot report was submitted by Conservative ex-senator Hugh Segal, who suggested the project should be tested on three distinct sites: in the north, south and among the indigenous community of Ontario.”

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Look every one 5cats is talking about Canadian politics. Personally I am always leery of giving away free money it usually only crates a underclass who want more money latter down the line. Those at the lower end of working poor will cry its not a living wage among other things.
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It seems like several Posts got slipped UNDER older posts!! This one is very interesting... but the Liberal Party of Ontario has completely ruined their economy, this is simply a desperation move to try to grab a few votes. They would never actually DO this, but hope the promise of it will ginny up some support or free publicity...