Google Fiber Is Cancelling On You

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Basically there are ten cities that were promised Google Fiber, who are now in a holding pattern due to Google’s parent company, Alphabet getting cold feet. Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet, told Google Fiber’s CEO, Greg Barratt to pair down. There’s no telling to the size of the layoffs or what the role Google Fiber will take down the road, but there are rumors that Alphabet is starting to think they should just say fuck it and turn to wireless.

An excerpt from Gizmodo:

Google is putting a halt on operations in the following cities, meaning these are where the layoffs will be happening:

Chicago, Illinois Dallas, Texas Jacksonville, Florida Los Angeles, California Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Phoenix, Arizona Portland, Oregon San Diego, California San Jose, California Tampa, Florida

n fact, Google Fiber beginning to vaguely resemble another ambitious project designed to bring fiber to America: Verizon FiOS. That effort, if you recall, didn’t work out quite as planned—in 2015, roughly 10 years after it began, only about 12 percent of the population reportedly had access to it.

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