Fukushima Radiation Cleanup: The Lamest Show on Earth [Video+]

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A Vice interview in 2015 dealt with some cold facts about the Fukushima “clean up.” There’s no technology available to clean up three hundred tons of liquid radioactive continuously spilling into the Pacific since 2011. The Japanese government and TEPCO claim they’re are aiming for a 30-year clean up but folks like Arnie Gunderson over at the Energy Institute’s cry foul.

When asked why the government are even putting on a false face, Gunderson says money:

“The answer is that two or so billion dollars has been lent by banks to keep the utilities afloat, because utilities don't have two billion dollars in cash sitting around. Now, it's payback time for the bankers, and between the banks who want their two or three billion back, and the utilities that want their investment – which is probably in the order of ten or twenty billion – back, then the pressure on the Diet is astronomical. Big money is pushing very hard to get these reactors started back up.”

Continuing on Gunderson talks about what is different about this cleanup that makes it improbable from any other:

“You can literally walk through most power plants in your street clothes, and the reason they have to wear them outside at Fukushima is because the radiation fields are so high. What's happening now is that the ground is highly radioactive. In some areas where the radiation level is so high they've even put steel plates on top of the ground so that people could walk there. That's not a normal decommissioning.”

The interview is sobering and, if you haven’t had your head buried on this topic, not news. The bottom line is unless science can figure out how to neutralize hot atomic particles then the cleanup at Fukushima is just a really depressing show.

My own personal take: Be careful where you get the fish you eat, be wary of any food imported from Japan, watch out for where berries and mushrooms grown near fallout regions.

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Ask NASA to borrow the Apollo space suits. They were completely immune to radiation.
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Wait, the video wasn't about fukushima. It was a VICE magazine article about Japanese underage prostitution called "Schoolgirls for Sale". Is this a 5Cat's post?
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Not news to me. By-the-way most of the Tuna consumed in the US spawn in those waters before heading to the America's to be harvested.